Clarks Laws Q&A February 19

Landlord & Investor Q&A Presented by Attorney Jim Clark for February 2019

In this segment Jim Clark answers the most popular questions that come up through his interactions with landlords and real estate investors through his presentations to local organizations, networking, one on one conversations as well as direct posting through his web site and social media.

This month the following questions are addressed:

  • Getting started as a real estate investor after leaving a career in sales.
  • Getting started as a real estate investor with a background in commercial construction.
  • Finding a “friendly” attorney for my sellers.
  • Does it pay to get zoning approval before selling commercial land, or sell “as-is?”
  • Getting a 8-family house vacant – how hard will it be?



If you’d like additional information or would like to submit a question for a future segment, contact us.

T: 631.669.6300

Jim Clark is a New York real estate attorney who represents landlords and active real estate investors.