A Law That Voids a Residential Lease

This briefing discusses NYRPL Section 235-bb, the importance of having a certificate of occupancy for all improvements in a rental unit, the tremendous liability exposure the statute creates for residential landlords, and what residential landlords can do to protect themselves.

The Art of the Smooth & Predictable Real Estate Closing

Information for our buyers and sellers of residential real estate to help navigate the process.

Newsletter 022017: Being a Resource For Homeowners in Foreclosure

Being a Resource for Home Owners in Foreclosure; Finding Owners of Abandoned Homes

Newsletter 012017: When a Rehabber Dies

What Happens When a Rehabber Dies; Why Real Estate?

Newsletter 102016: The Downside of Being a Landlord

The Downside of Being a Landlord; Abandoned Warehouse Rehab Case Study

Newsletter 092016: Getting Full Value From Your Attorney

Getting Full Value From Your Attorney; Quitting Your Job & Investing Full Time

Newsletter 072016: The “Other Way” To Get More Deals

The “Other Way” To Get More Deals; Ideas: Looking Forward & Looking Back; Why You Should Never Throw Away a Deal File

Newsletter 062016: Making the Jump to Commercial Real Estate

Making the Shift from Residential Rehabber to Commercial Real Estate Investor; What My Son Taught Me  About Being a Good Lawyer

White Paper: Distressed Property Consultants In New York

What You Need to Know When Assisting Homeowners in Foreclosure in New York.

White Paper: Joint Venture Case Study

Case Study: SFR Rehab Joint Venture vs. Private Mortgage Structure

Newsletter 052016: Asset Protection For Landlords

Asset Protection For Landlords To Protect Against the Most Common Risks; Ideas From the Front Lines

Newsletter 042016: Setting Up an IRA LLC

Is Setting Up an IRA LLC Right For You;Ideas From the Front Lines

Newsletter 022016: Landlords, Avoid Cash Flow Disruptions

Easy ways for landlords to avoid future cash flow problems; What Navy SeALs Can Teach Us About Wholesaling

Newsletter 012016: Assigning Unassignable Short Sale Deals

How to complete a stock transfer to assign an “unassignable” short sale

Newsletter 032016: Private Equity & Syndication

When It’s Time to Start a Real Estate Private Equity Fund; How to Avoid Investing in a Ponzi Scheme; What Being a Father Taught Me  About Lawyering