A Law That Voids a Residential Lease

This briefing discusses NYRPL Section 235-bb, the importance of having a certificate of occupancy for all improvements in a rental unit, the tremendous liability exposure the statute creates for residential landlords, and what residential landlords can do to protect themselves.

The Art of the Smooth & Predictable Real Estate Closing

Information for our buyers and sellers of residential real estate to help navigate the process.

Being a Resource For Homeowners in Foreclosure

So How Do You Get The Edge? It’s about changing your perspective. Walk in the shoes of the homeowner who is facing foreclosure. What are they seeing and feeling at each stage of the process? Before Default The homeowner is in financial difficulty, but they’re still making their mortgage payment. At this stage, few of… Continue Reading

What Happens When a Real Estate Rehabber Dies?

Here’s what happens (from a legal perspective)… Our rehabber, we’ll call him Flip, has a few projects in the works two in the middle of construction, one is done and on the market to be sold, and Flip has three more under contract to purchase. He’s a one-man band – he has people working for… Continue Reading

Newsletter 102016: The Downside of Being a Landlord

The Downside of Being a Landlord; Abandoned Warehouse Rehab Case Study

Newsletter 092016: Getting Full Value From Your Attorney

Getting Full Value From Your Attorney; Quitting Your Job & Investing Full Time

Newsletter 072016: The “Other Way” To Get More Deals

The “Other Way” To Get More Deals; Ideas: Looking Forward & Looking Back; Why You Should Never Throw Away a Deal File

Newsletter 062016: Making the Jump to Commercial Real Estate

Making the Shift from Residential Rehabber to Commercial Real Estate Investor; What My Son Taught Me  About Being a Good Lawyer

White Paper: Distressed Property Consultants In New York

What You Need to Know When Assisting Homeowners in Foreclosure in New York.

White Paper: Joint Venture Case Study

Case Study: SFR Rehab Joint Venture vs. Private Mortgage Structure

Newsletter 052016: Asset Protection For Landlords

Asset Protection For Landlords To Protect Against the Most Common Risks; Ideas From the Front Lines

Newsletter 042016: Setting Up an IRA LLC

Is Setting Up an IRA LLC Right For You;Ideas From the Front Lines

Newsletter 022016: Landlords, Avoid Cash Flow Disruptions

Easy ways for landlords to avoid future cash flow problems; What Navy SeALs Can Teach Us About Wholesaling

Newsletter 012016: Assigning Unassignable Short Sale Deals

How to complete a stock transfer to assign an “unassignable” short sale

Newsletter 032016: Private Equity & Syndication

When It’s Time to Start a Real Estate Private Equity Fund; How to Avoid Investing in a Ponzi Scheme; What Being a Father Taught Me  About Lawyering