Business Law & Corporate Transactions

Business Startup & Formation
The firm’s legal professionals assist with the negotiating and drafting of contracts among business owners and between the business and its clients or vendors, when necessary.

Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers
The firm’s attorneys have a wealth of experience representing both buyers and sellers in mergers, acquisitions and other corporate transactions.

Corporate Restructuring
The firm helps business owners to redesign certain aspects of their expanding companies, positioning them to be more competitive in their respective industries.

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Commercial Litigation

Antitrust Litigation
The firm’s attorneys understand the risk legal action can pose to a company, and the firm operates according to its key philosophy that litigation is best prevented by taking appropriate precautions early on.

Commercial Landlord/Tenant
The firm’s attorneys understand how important your business is to you, and will help protect your rights as both a tenant and a business owner.

Employment Law
The firm is experienced in handling matters for business owners such as employment discrimination, wrongful termination, workplace safety, wage litigation, right to privacy issues, whistleblower rights, and more.

Construction Matters
From drafting and signing the initial contracts to handling financial issues, disputes between general and subcontractors, and issues surrounding the construction itself, the firm can help.

Dissolutions of a Business
Depending on the structure of your business, different steps must be taken to dissolve. If you are a sole proprietor, the process is much simpler. If you are operating a corporation or an LLC that you wish to dissolve, more complex legal issues can arise.

Business Divorce
There might be stockholders involved, fees, penalties and even criminal litigation rooted in the problems, and all of these matters must be addressed. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced in guiding clients through this process and representing their legal interests.

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Commercial & Residential Real Estate Transactions

Commercial Real Estate Lawyers
The firm’s well-versed attorneys represent both buyers and sellers in matters of all sizes, such as the development of office buildings, warehouses, independent retail locations, as well as industrial and residential projects.

The firm’s experienced real estate attorneys have represented both borrowers and lenders in establishing loans and letters of credit to suit their commercial real estate needs.

Residential Real Estate Lawyers
Just as the prices of real estate have risen in the region, so have the problems and potential for litigation when buying or selling real estate. It has never been more important to have an experienced real estate attorney help guide you through the process. This firm represents both buyers and sellers in simple and complex transactions.

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Landlord Packages

Landlord Edge Review
A critical review of your plans, processes, agreements, and structures.

Tenant Starter Package
Process for new tenants to help thoroughly screen prospects and set the tone for a relationship that’s positive, predictable and profitable.

Enforcement & Defense Actions
Services to quickly diffuse problems, minimize losses and gain leverage.

Asset Acquisition, Sale, and Refinance
Purchase, sale and refinance of rental property assets.

Landlord Protection Plan
Comprehensive, all-inclusive eviction prevention.

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FAST Evictions in New York

What is a FAST Eviction?
It’s evicting a tenant as quickly as possible, which is what we do, but it’s also an acronym for what we believe is the absolute best way to handle evictions in New York, what does it stand for?

So what does this mean?

  • Follow the Lease and the technicalities of the law
  • Act quickly and decisively
  • Stay neutral
  • Think about the bottom line

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Commercial and Residential Investor Solutions

Business De-Briefing
Propose & Analyze Some Strategies. We’ll tell you what we’ve seen work and what doesn’t work and help you choose the best way forward.

Legal/Financial Issue De-Briefing
Deal Points. Review common deal points so that we can get an idea of your level of risk, which issues we can handle for you, and which we need to run by you to make decisions on.

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Foreclosure Solutions

Residential Mortgage Modifications
For more information on residential mortgage modifications please visit our dedicated residential mortgage modification website at

Foreclosure Defense & Counseling
As part of our efforts to assist homeowners who are in foreclosure and deal with the foreclosure crisis that has inundated our market, we offer several low-cost options and counseling to help give homeowners the space they need to make intelligent decisions so they can get back on their feet, permanently.

Short Sales
For more information on how we can help in selling your property in a short sale call us at (631) 669-6300 during regular business hours or feel free to e-mail us at

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Estate Planning, Administration & Litigation

Wills and Trusts
The firm’s attorneys understand that creating a will or trust can be complex or simple, depending on your assets, family structure, and other various factors. The firm is dedicated to providing its clients with superior legal guidance and representation in creating wills and trusts that will allow you to provide for your loved ones after your death.

Probate and Estate Administration
The attorneys at the firm handle estate litigation from the beginning to the end. The attorneys at the firm understand that such events occur at an emotionally charged time while you are still grieving for your loved one.

Powers of Attorney and Guardianships
Our attorneys help clients who are planning for incapacity by establishing Powers of Attorney to carry out their financial, medical, and end of life decisions. A Power of Attorney is a legal relationship that can be set up so that it is enacted immediately, or upon the event of incapacitation./p>
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Healthcare Law

Formation of Healthcare Practices and Other Provider Entities
Our attorneys can help to make sure that the entity you decide to form will be the best option for your type of business. Our firm is dedicated and experienced in the area of corporate reorganizations as well as any ownership, structural or employee changes.

Finance Agreements
A newly formed, merged, or purchased healthcare entity will succeed or fail depending on proper business planning, financial planning, and profit margins. A skilled business financing attorney can help address current and long-term financial goals.

Employment Agreements for Healthcare Providers and Entities
Our attorneys can assist with the drafting of agreements that protect the interests of the healthcare practice while complying with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Credentialing and Audit Issues with Medicare, Medicaid. and Various Health Insurers
When a health insurer has reported an allegation of overpayment the health care provider will have the opportunity to appeal that allegation. The appeals process for an alleged overpayment can be a stressful and burdensome process. With the help of skilled attorneys, this process can go more smoothly and effectively.

Litigation in State and Federal Courts
Our attorneys can assist with drafting clawback agreements that will specifically tailor the obligations of both the health insurance entity and the healthcare provider in order to reduce the likelihood of litigation.

Licensing Issues with the Office of Professional Medical Conduct
Even with complaints that have no merit and seem to have ended quickly, it is important to have counsel present when speaking to any investigators as to protect your rights as well as the rights of your employees and your business.

Sales of Healthcare Practices
Our legal team can ensure that you have the proper documentation filed to have a smooth transition during the buying and selling process. Additionally, we can provide assistance in determining the fair market value of your healthcare practice or another healthcare practice you are interested in purchasing.

Partnership, Shareholder and Operating Agreements
While an effective partnership, shareholder or operating agreement is helpful during these uncertain times, it is possible that the agreements formed have not covered every issue, or the agreements have become stale with time. Our attorneys will work with you to ensure potential issues are properly addressed within the relevant agreements.

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Matrimonial Law with Complex Financial Issues

The firm handles all aspects of matrimonial and family law litigation, including divorce and child custody issues, alternative dispute resolution, maintenance (alimony), child support, domestic violence issues, separation agreements, property division, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, and modifications of agreements made pursuant to the divorce.

Mediation, Negotiation and Alternative Methods to Litigation
In mediation, a skilled mediator will work with you and your spouse to reach a conclusion that is effectively a compromise. This is usually the best method for couples who wish to dissolve their marriage in a non-adversarial forum and work together to achieve results.

Maintenance (Alimony) and Division of Assets
Our attorneys are dedicated to representing and protecting your best interests. Financial considerations can become quite complex when one or both of the parties involved are of high net worth.

Family Court Matters
The firm represents clients in these matters, as well as enforcement actions, and clients seeking modifications of child support orders and agreements due to significant changes in circumstance, such as an increase in income or additional expenses on behalf of the child.

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New York Personal Injury Law

Long Island Car Accident Lawyer
We handle all aspects of your case from sign-up to settlement so that you can face the aftermath of an accident with confidence and security. We obtain investigative reports, photographs, and witness statements, file lawsuits, litigate, take depositions, try cases, settle them and do appeals. We mediate and arbitrate cases.

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New York Real Estate Closing Attorney

Representing Both Buyers and Sellers
Buying and selling a home can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. We leverage our extensive experience and relationships throughout the real estate industry to make sure our clients get every possible advantage and a smooth and predictable experience.

Understanding Where Each Participant’s Loyalties Lie
Every participant in the deal is motivated to get it done, but for different reasons. Keeping these reasons, the duties of loyalty and the obligations of each participant in mind will put things into perspective that are otherwise difficult to explain.Trust the people who have a duty of loyalty to you, look critically at the actions of the others.

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Other Areas of Practice

The firm is dedicated to forming life-long client relationships, and as such, the firm’s legal professionals are capable of advising and representing you in all of your legal needs.

  • Construction law
  • Landlord/tenant matters
  • Municipal matters
  • Education law and school matters
  • Employment law
  • Arbitration and mediation

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