was founded by attorney Jim Clark in 2005 after he left a large corporate Wall Street law firm to focus exclusively on a law practice representing landlords and active real estate investors.

Mr. Clark has been involved in thousands of real estate investment transactions and disputes as an attorney, an observer, and an investor. Through them all, he’s witnessed (and experienced) wild success and spectacular failures. With these experiences he’s observed repeated patterns in an investor’s personal traits and their handling of their business that inevitably precedes success, and he’s mapped processes that track these patterns to give his clients their best chance of realizing their real estate investment goals.

In June 2018, Jim Clark merged his firm, Clark’s laws PC with the law firm, Blodnick Fazio & Associates PC (to read more about this merger, click here). Jim Clark is now a partner at the law firm of Blodnick Fazio & Clark where he continues to focus on helping clients create and enhance simple, wildly profitable real estate businesses.

The firm represents landlords and active real estate investors – helping them defend and enhance their real estate holdings and employing innovative structures to safely grow their real estate portfolio using tried and true strategies through unconventional means. The firm also represents landlords and active real estate investors their personal affairs including matrimonial law, estate planning and litigation and other matters.

The legal needs of landlords and real estate investors are different, and we take a proactive and wholistic approach to keep our clients safe and successful. We align our incentives to those of our clients, so that we’re rewarded when our clients are succeeding.

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