Our goal is to make you a successful landlord.

It’s about freedom; and freedom comes from having a better quality of life. A better quality of life will come from having a powerful money-making machine that works for you in sickness, health and even death. Landlord attorneys help landlords create and maintain powerful money-making machines.

Why Landlord Attorneys Are Important

Being a landlord on Long Island is different from other business ventures. At the heart of every Landlord’s business is a legal relationship: the legal relationship between the Landlord and Tenant. And, it’s a highly technical relationship that is often skewed against the landlord.

Having a landlord/tenant attorney who can help navigate this is crucial for being a successful Landlord.

When Attorneys Are a Problem

Attorneys generally get paid only when things go wrong, such as when you need to evict or you have to defend against a claim. This creates a misalignment of incentives between landlord and attorney. Suddenly, this crucial member of your team is doing best, when you’re at your worst.

How We’re Different

We get paid to prevent problems and keep our landlords’ businesses running smoothly; kicking off positive cash flow, remaining passive and keeping liquidity options open.

We’re honored to be a critical part of our landlord clients’ teams, and we structure our packages to be 100% aligned with success.

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Simple Processes to Achieve Predictable Results

The process of onboarding a landlord client is always the same, but the results are always different because they’re a unique, personal solution.

Here’s how it works . . .

1. Review & Answer the Basic Questions

  • What’s happening?
  • What do you want?
  • What are you willing to do to get what you want?

2. Identify the Issues

  • What can keep you from getting what you want?
  • What could help?

3. Strategize

  • Suggesting Alternatives
  • Choosing the Best Way Forward

4. Execute

  • Do it yourself, done for you for you, OR
  • Point you in the right direction

Getting Started

Call us at 631-669-6300 or  email Jim Clark at jclark@clarkslaws.com to schedule an  introductory call. During this initial 10 minute call we’ll discuss your plans and whether we might be a good fit to help you.